Write A Letter / Speak UP!

One of the most influential things you can do to protect your open spaces from development is send letters to the elected officials and public staff who are responsible for the decision making process. Raising awareness in the community about the many important issues at play is also very important. Take a moment to pen a note to your elected officials or an opinion piece for the local paper and start protecting Twin Lakes open space today! 

Looking for inspiration and ideas? Visit the News Page for read some very well-written, insightful letters.

The Issues

TLAG’s concerns with the high density development Boulder is trying to force into Twin Lakes Road against the will of the people include:

•      Area Hydrology
•      Conflicts with BVCP
•      Up Zoning / Annexation of open spaces to benefit developers
•      Open Space Conversion
•      Community Density
•      Lack of Local Services and Amenities
•      The Environment and Wildlife
•      Traffic, Parking & Transportation

Note:  TLAG is not opposed to affordable housing! City and County officials, together with self-interested "affordable housing advocates," have attempted to unfairly paint TLAG's opposition to high-density development in a rural community's open space, as an opposition to affordable housing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Help us draw the distinction and expose the underhanded efforts to shame people into allowing a development that is completely incompatible with the Twin Lakes community and that jeopardizes the future of all Open Space. 


Daily Camera - Letters to the Editor (300 words or less):  openforum@bouldercamera.com

Elected Officials - they (are supposed to) work FOR YOU!

Boulder County Commissionerscommissioners@bouldercounty.org

Boulder City Council Elected Officials: council@bouldercolorado.gov

Staff & Volunteer Commission Members

Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Staff

Boulder County Planning Commission:  planner@bouldercounty.org

  • Current Members – Appointed Citizen Participants
    • Ben Blaugrund
    • Dan Cohen
    • Natalie Feinberg Lopez
    • Sam Fitch
    • Lieschen Gargano
    • Daniel Hilton
    • Gavin McMillan
    • Sean Stewart
    • Doug Young
  • Staff Participants
    • Dale Case
    • Ben Doyle
    • Steven Giang
    • Richard Hackett
    • Amy Oeth
    • Kathy Parker
    • Kim Sanchez
    • Nicole Wobus

City of Boulder Planning Board:  boulderplanningboard@bouldercolorado.gov

  • Bryan Bowen
  • Crystal Gray
  • David Ensign
  • Elizabeth Payton (VICE CHAIR)
  • John Putnam (CHAIR)
  • Peter Vitale
  • Harmon Zuckerman

Boulder County County Parks & Open Space Staff:

Boulder County County Housing Authority Staff:

Boulder Valley School District Contacts: