TLAG Actually Won August 30 Hearing and Medium Density was rejected! 


Your generous support

allowed our legal team to study the outcome of the August 30 Twin Lakes public hearing. Last week, we discovered that WE ACTUALLY WON ON SEPTEMBER 21st when the Planning Commission voted. Colorado State law requires the Planning Commission to have five affirmative votes for any amendment to the Comprehensive Plan, and they had only four. This means that the Planning Commission rejected the Medium Density request. 

Read the legal memo here
Based on this revelation, there is no longer a need for a rehearing, so TLAG is requesting the rehearing be withdrawn from the docket. But we need your help for this critical time:
1. Send a message to the Planning Commission here (click on Public Comment and scroll down to the submission form) and ask them to add the Five Votes issue to the Wednesday docket and to withdraw or table the rehearing. 
2. Email the County Commissioners (Elise Jones, Deb Gardner, and Cindy Domenico) and request that they adhere to Colorado and County statutes governing land-use changes: 
3. Attend the CRUCIAL hearing on Wednesday, January 18, with the Twin Lakes agenda items starting around 2:00 or 2:30 p.m. and going until the evening. Ask the Planning Commission to reject the proposed Medium Density land-use change...again! You can sign up to speak here as an individual and with poolers here. (Let us know if you need a pooler.) 
4. Support TLAG here, so we can protect Gunbarrel and our Open Space and ensure the County follows the law.