Partial list of cross-jurisdictional impacts of a MDR/MXR land use change

Proposed changes to the Land Use Map must meet several criteria prescribed in Section II of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. The Housing Authority, School District, and BVCP planning staff have the burden of proof of showing that the proposed change would "not have significant cross-jurisdictional impacts that may affect residents, properties or facilities outside the city.”

BVCP Policy 1.18 “Growth Requirements" also requires development to "maintain or improve environmental quality as a precondition for further housing and community growth.”

BCHA, BVSD, and staff have failed to meet that burden of proof. To the contrary, the analyses contained in the following impact-assessment papers shows the very significant cross-jurisdictional impacts and environmental deterioration that would result from an MDR or MXR land use change. A partial list of these impacts includes:

A 59% to 75% increase in neighborhood density and significant change of the neighborhood’s character.


A 177% to 246% increase in traffic on Twin Lakes Road and a significant increase in wear-and-tear to already deteriorating roads.


Loss of habitat connections, destruction of Significant Habitat (as defined by Article 7 of Boulder County’s Land Use Code) for Species of Special Concern, unmitigable harm to environmental quality, and a significant loss of wildlife beloved by Gunbarrel residents.


Drying of federally protected wetlands


High risk for increased flooding of neighboring homes


Unfunded growth impacts to schools and loss of land for a future school site and park.


A need for greatly improved transit but with no funding provided for those services.


Loss of prime agricultural land in Gunbarrel and reduced resiliency


Loss of land dedicated for a school and park for the benefit and use of Gunbarrel Green residents


Unprecedented use of county open space to enable annexation and development.