The Boulder County Planning Commission listened to TLAG's compelling and convincing arguments and sided with us! By a 5-4 vote, the Planning Commission members stopped the proposed land use change to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. 

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In major setback to Boulder County Housing Authority and County Commissioners, Boulder County Planning Commission votes to RE-HEAR and RECONSIDER their decision in Twin Lakes matter! 

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The City and County of Boulder are conspiring to develop 280 apartments on land dedicated for open space and a school. 


Twin Lakes Action Group is an organization of community members committed to protecting the zoned rural-residential look and feel of our neighborhood and adjacent lands; and to preventing the terrible precedent of using County-owned Open Space for City annexation to enable development.




The case for preserving open space and rejecting dense apartment development at Twin Lakes is cut and dry. Every single day the TLAG team is hard at work trying to protect our prized lands from development. Click below to see the latest news!

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TLAG is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. We have a volunteer board and no paid staff. What we do though is not free! We need your support to help fund our legal team, wildlife and hydrology experts and others. EVERY little bit helps! 

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Twin Lakes Action Group - An Introduction to the Controversy

Here is the contention spelled out in numbers. Take a look and see if it all adds up?

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