6:00 pm18:00

Public Hearing for the BVCP

Even after months of public comment, our elected officials are moving forward with a Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan that STRIPS the rights from County residents!  The BVCP has turned into the “Boulder City Building Plan!”

Voting on this final draft is coming up QUICK!  Next TUESDAY, May 23rd, 6pm, at the City Municipal Building (1777 Broadway) will be the LAST opportunity for PUBLIC COMMENT on this plan, with a VOTE for adoption from the City Planning Board scheduled for Thursday the 25th!  The City Council will vote on June 13th.

Read it for yourself!  Here's the link to the “New” plan with redlines so you can see the changes:

We need everyone  to come to this meeting to voice your opinion of these drastic changes in Boulder’s future!  If you can’t attend, please continue to write to the City and County boards:


WHERE:  City Municipal Building (1777 Broadway)
WHEN:  6pm
WHAT: Final Public Hearing on the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan before May 25 adoption vote!

1:30 pm13:30

County Planning Commission Hearing on the Land-use Change Requests

CALL TO ACTION - WE NEED EVERYONE TO ATTEND!! Even if you can't be at the whole meeting. Numbers are everything!

CRITICAL MEETING for all who can attend: County Planning Commission hearing on the land-use change requests for Twin Lakes properties.
WHERE:  County Hearing room, 1325 Pearl Street, third floor
WHEN:  Tentatively 1:30pm, but there is discussion of moving this to the evening so more people can attend.
WHAT: In this meeting, the planning commissioners will hear NEW testimony for the Twin Lakes properties. Additionally, written testimony will be provided directly to the CPC.

The Twin Lakes land use is docket item #4, so it will be another long meeting.  New public testimony will be taken! 

MAKE A PUBLIC COMMENT  here  (click on Public Comment and scroll down to the submission form). 

You can sign up to speak
here as an individual and with poolers here. (Let us know if you need a pooler.) 

4:00 pm16:00

BVCP Future Choices Forum for Gunbarrel

BVCP Future Choices Forum for Gunbarrel  (4 p.m. to 6 p.m.) at  Boulder Preparatory High School (5075 Chaparral Court #1).  This is a meeting to discuss future development and other items (like jobs/housing balance) with BVCP staff.  If you cannot attend this meeting, there is a Forum survey

4:30 pm16:30

TLAG Community Meeting

TLAG community meeting (4:30 6:30 p.m.) at the Boulder Rural Fire Department Board Room, 6230 Lookout Rd.  This is an opportunity for anyone to get updates from the TLAG  board in preparation for our hearing on the 18th.  We can discuss speaking topics, how to sign up for speaking at the meeting, procedures, etc.