TLAG is the last line of defense against the Boulder County Housing Authority's desire to build nearly 300 apartments on public lands that are alive with wildlife, far from necessary services, and have been slated for a community park and school for decades. Their plans include using Open Space to enable annexation and development, something unprecedented.


Our Mission

To protect the zoned rural-residential look and feel of our neighborhoods and adjacent land; and to prevent the use of Open Space for Annexation

“I don’t think you get community buy-in by shoving things down people’s throats.”
— Lisa Morzel, Boulder City Council Member June 15, 2015

What We've Achieved

Twin Lakes Action Group has built one of the strongest, largest, and most effective grassroots groups in Boulder, championing the protection of open space, neighborhoods, and the democratic process. We also have shone a bright light on a deeply flawed public process in which the County Commissioners, Boulder County Housing Authority, and the Boulder Valley School District have bent and broken rules to further their agendas. In this fight, TLAG has:

  • Achieved the unanimous passing of its Open Space designation request by all four governing bodies during the Screening Hearings of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Update. Final hearings are happening now.
  • Hired an independent hydrologist who found the land's water table too high to support large structures without flooding homes and drying wetlands.
  • Commissioned an independent wildlife expert who determined the meadows meet all five of the County's criteria for open-space acquisition.
  • Proposed a ballot measure to prevent the exploitation of open space to enable development and give citizens a vote in the annexation of open space.
  • Caught County Commissioners misusing deed-restricted open space, which, for the first time in Boulder's history, may cause the land to revert back to the gifting neighborhood.
  • Educated and organized a community to hold their elected officials accountable for process and policy, fairness and transparency
  • And more!

Support TLAG Today

We need your financial support to keep up the fight. A donation today can help prevent far more costly litigation down the road and can help us send a message to City & County leaders that Gunbarrel will not be trampled but will stand strong.