TLAG Word of the Day: Victory!

The Boulder County Planning Commission listened to TLAG's compelling and convincing arguments and sided with us! By a 5-4 vote feb. 15, the Planning Commission members stopped the proposed land use change to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.

In so doing, the planning commission dealt a major blow to the County's effort to build 200+ apartments at Twin Lakes. This was made possible by TLAG, Gunbarrel and City of Boulder resident's tireless passion to protect the rural residential character of our neighborhoods.
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TLAG Chairman, Dave Rechberger, said after the favorable vote that he has two messages for our community:  

Thank you to the TLAG volunteers who's countless hours made this moment possible. And thank you also to the volunteers of the Boulder County Planning Commission!  These 100% volunteer groups have proven that our voice can and does make a difference to County policy.  

At the beginning of the process, the Chair of the County Commission said that if the four parties didn't agree to change the land use in the Comprehensive Plan, that they would explore every alternative. We expect new strategies to develop these lands, and to be ready we need your continued financial support.  The Matching Challenge from your board is still ON!
NEXT UP: TLAG  will continue this battle on multiple fronts including the Boulder City Council. At the Feb. 15 meeting we heard a lot of conversation about alternative strategies that would pull this out of the BVCP plan and put it to a "Two Body" vote....
TLAG has your back(yard) and will fight unrelentingly to prevent the City of Boulder from seizing control of our amazing community.  Annexation through Open Space can't be allowed.

Thank you all, again, for your support and commitment, from ALL of US who are TLAG!